I'm a cigar-smoking, excellence-pissing, wicked clever, no-holds-barred family man with an odd sense of humor!
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What I do

I create websites with the user and the business in mind


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Overview of Projects


Overview of Projects


Overview of Projects

Sketches & Wireframes

UI / UX & Design

Sideshow Bloody Mary Mix

UI / UX & Design

Mechanical Pencil Training

UI / UX, Design & Development

API Project


Cigar Blog

UI / UX, Design & Development

SSP Youth Baseball Association

Design & Development


A brief history of me, we can discuss it further when we meet

  • 2003

    Creative College

    Enrolled at the MN School of Business to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. This was also the first Mac I owned, the Power Mac G4!

  • 2006


    I earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Advertising Design. I left school with knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver and Flash. I was eager to get my first job as a professional Graphic Designer.

  • 2010

    Started Working on Websites

    I had always been interested in websites but this was the year that my interest peaked. I started to learn HTML. Take it from me, some of the first sites I designed were HORRIBLE, I've come a long way!

  • 2013-2016

    College Student, Again!

    In fall of 2013 I enrolled in the Web Design & Interactive Media program at The Art Institutes International Minnesota. I am about 75% done with school and will graduate with my Bachelor's degree. I am fascinated by what I am learning and I am ready to put it to use. If you need to get ahold of me, just look for my computer and I'll be there.

  • June 2016

    College Graduate

    In June 2016 I graduate from The Art Institutes International MN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media. I was also selected to be the student speaker during the graduation ceremony.

Tools of my trade

Essential items used when designing sites

Fully Functional Brain

Used for troubleshooting, research, design and creativity

State of the Art Equipment

Staying current with technology, surfing the interwebs with the best equipment

Fountain Pen

Taking a break from the computer, taking notes and devising plans


Why I'm better than everyone else


    Web Design
  • • HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP
  • • jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap
  • • CMS (WordPress, Drupal, ModX)
  • • Object-oriented Programming
  • • User Experience
  • • Responsive Design

    Graphic Design
  • • Adobe Creative Suite
  • • Color Theory
  • • Publication Layout and Design
  • • Logo Design and Branding
  • • Typography
  • • Offset and Digital Printing



    Oct 2011-Present

  • Web Designer/Developer
  • Operate full service web design and development freelance business
  • • Design/develop client websites from a to z
  • • Generate business and provide cost proposals
  • • Provide hosting and domain services
  • • Maintain client websites as requested

    Roseville Area Schools

    Mar 2008-Present

  • Print Center Specialist
  • Operate district-wide copy center, serving eleven buildings and producing an average of 13 million copies per year
  • • Plan and manage budget
  • • Adhere to all district financial policies
  • • Track inventory and order supplies
  • • Manage 67 digital copy machines
  • • Eliminated OT by streamlining operations
  • • Reduced inventory by $70,000
  • • Increased profitability by $35,000


    The Art Institutes International MN

    June 2016

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Interactive Media

    MN School of Business

    June 2006

  • Associate of Applied Science degree in Advertising Design

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